Хотел Наслада Балчик Хотел Наслада Балчик Хотел Наслада Балчик


Balchik – “the white town at the Black sea” – poet Ovidii gave this name when he was living on bulgarian soil.
The population of Balchik is 15000.
Balchik has 26 century–old history. In the IV–th century B. C. Greeks had been settling and formed colonies: Mesemvria /Nesebar/, Apolonia /Sozopol/, Odesos /Varna/, Kruni.

    Kruni is the first name of the town of Balchik and it means “mine”, “source”. In the III–rd century B. C. the sea threw out on the shore a statue of Dionysius and the town was called Dionysopolis. A temple of Dionysius was built in the center of the town and natives used to bow down before Dionysius and Demetra – the god of the wine and the goddess of the fruitfulness.

    In Roman times there was built a big stronghold with underground labyrinths. It survived till VI-th century A. C. Remains could be seen in the new district of the town.
    There are different versions for the origin of the name “Balchik” – either from the word “baldjikei” – “sweet village” or “balyk” – “fish”.

    The ecology in this region is splendid that’s why honey, fruits and vegetables are juicy and tasty.
    Balchik is a peaceful and cosy resort. People could have a real rest here after the intensive city life. Everyone who has ever been here always comes back.


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